Monday, January 31, 2011

SHE GOT IT!!!! SHE GOT IT!!!!!!!!


This is out of 473 applicants that initially started the process.  Plus thats going up against the people that were already residential leaders, coming back.  Damn.

There is no way anyone can understand just how important this is, what this means for her education and future.

Happy mommy.  Very very happy mommy.

Life is good.

Yeah, What She Said......

Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not-quite, the not-yet, the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach. Check your road and the nature of your battle. The world you desire can be won. It exists. It is real. It is possible. It is yours. – Ayn Rand

This is the attitude I try to maintain in creating my new life.  Do my best to, anyhow.

Oh yes, this is my year.  Keep up the mantra, keep it up.

Absolutely Fantastic!!!

"Happiness is excitement that has found a settling down place. But there is always a little corner that keeps flapping around." – E.L. Konigsburg

I just absolutely love this one  :-)

It Is What It Is

That is my "ommmm" saying.  I use that one when things feel like they are overwhelming me.  It reminds me that, no matter what is going on right now, or how horrible it seems, no matter how dark the moment seems, how frustrating or dire, there will come a better time and a brighter day.  I use that saying alot, and it's amazing how it really does center and calm me in moments of stress and frustration.

I used to stress out and lose my mind over things.  I used to freak out and get so upset that I really was a hindrance to myself in being able to find solutions to problems.  The Real Deal is the one that taught me that saying, and showed me by example how to live my life truly believing it.  He has had the kind of life that most of us never dream of, the kind of life that most people give up on and never make it to the light at the end of the tunnel.   Yet, this is the person that taught me how to hang loose, to relax, to realize that it's not over till the fat lady sings and that she hasn't even warmed up her vocal chords yet.....he is the one that taught me It Is What It Is.  Although I will still begin to get wound up, I now have the mindset and ability to tell myself it is what it is, calm down, and get to breaking the situation down and figuring out a solution to it.  Or, if there is no solution, to just letting it go.

I believe I have mentioned that my little car needs a new tire.  I do not have the 200.00 it will take to buy the new tire right now, because I have the mortgage and electricity to pay first.  So I've been driving the old explorer until I have the extra cash to buy the tire.  (I do not have any credit cards).

Well, evidently, Friday on the way home, Mister Wonderfuls car had something go wrong with it.  So I worked all weekend while he was home holding down the sofa and killing enemy soldiers online with all of his compadres.  This morning Papoose #2 and I head out the door to go to school and work, and lo and behold, the explorer is gone.  Mister Wonderful took it to work.  Left me with my car sitting on a barely aired donut tire, and his car with whatever on earth is broken on it.

So, I tell Papoose #2 to climb in my car and we will limp it to town, get some air in the donut, get her to school and me to work and I will make a game plan on what to do next during the day today.

First sign something was vewwy vewwy wrong??  Tried to move the seat forward because MW had left it as far back as it would go and the seat back cocked back as well (I mean, what did he do?? Put on baggy jeans, twist his ball cap to the side, cock the seat back and cruise around podunk hometown throwing gang signs at passers by?) seat would not move......uh oh.   Turned the key....NOTHING.  Battery is so dead it didn't make any noise or even attempt to start.

When he put the donut on it sometime last week or so, he left the lights on like an idiot and my battery is ruined I guess.

So I call MW and in the calmest voice I could possibly muster I ask "So, since it was obviously your intention to take the Explorer, which you know I have been driving for the past two weeks, without asking or informing me, did you not think, while you were home this weekend,  to make sure the car you did leave here was in any way, shape, or form drivable for your daughter and I to safely get to school and work?"   The tirade of cussing and yelling that came forth from the other end of the phone was ugly enough that I chose to quietly hang up.  Evidently, I'm a blame laying B*tch to the Nth degree for daring to bother him with such drivel.  Somehow all of this is my fault for not just conveniently having the cash to get a tire on my car in a more timely manner.  We won't discuss the fact that both the Explorer AND the car are mine, in my name, paid for with my own money, and mine to use as I see fit, such as having the Explorer at my disposal as a backup vehicle if something goes wrong with my every day car, for example. That would be a low thing to bring up, wouldn't it?

In our household, he doesn't care what is wrong with anything, as long as he isn't the one being put out or made uncomfortable by it.  He once left the Papooses and I stuck driving a Bronco we had, when the back window was stuck in the down position and I had zero money to have it repaired.  We lived down 3 miles of dusty dirt road.  Every day that dirt would get through anything I put on there and get all over the girls and I, our school/work clothes, our hair.  If it rained, the dirty rain came in off of the roadway. Bleh.  Heater couldn't warm the interior up hardly at all with the cold coming in the back.  Bollocks!

Then he pulls this crap this morning.  And this is not the first or even the 6th time this has happened either.

So I did what any loving, understanding and respectful wife would do.

I fired up his precious sports car and drove it, chugging and spitting and sputtering, to drop Papoose #2 off at school, then drove myself to work.

Hey, it is what it is, right?  

Friday, January 28, 2011

No coffee today.  So far so good.

Have to admit, it wasn't purely by choice.  I had to have a fasting blood draw done, so nothing but water from midnight till 9 this morning when I went to get drawn.  Boy is the doc lucky I have been slowly cutting back on the caffeine over the past couple of weeks, huh?   He could have had a real h*ll b*tch on his hands, otherwise!!

I love my birks, but I sure am ready for a pedi and some flip flops.  I'm jonesing.

Anyone of my three readers that missed it, you have GOT to read the comment Corner left for me.  Absolute genius.  Love it!!!!

I don't have much to offer today folks.  Busy and incredibly drug out and tired.  Sorry.

Papoose #1 will be home this weekend though, that's fab!!!  She's showing some friends horses at the Stock Show.  I can't wait to hug her!!

LabPup has mastered the 'sit' and 'wait' commands I use when I am getting ready to feed him.  Good boy, LabPup.

Mister Wonderful has announced that if he can get enough money together, he is moving to Panama.  No, not in Florida.  At the canal.  He says the unemployment rate is only like 4%.  I think someone lied to him.  Besides, I've LIVED in Panama, and I'm sorry, but thieving, drug running and  hooking can't possibly be considered official employment.  I told him he could stop by and visit when he was in the U.S.  He insisted I'm going with him.  I informed him that it would would be a case of over HIS dead body, not mine.  Narf.

Papoose #2 is mad at me because I won't let her go to Nicaragua on a mission trip with her church.  Be pissed all you want, little girl, not happenin' on my watch.

There was an evil bungee cord in the road on the way in to work this morning.  Right where there was no way to go around it on either side, had to straddle the evil thing.  *shudder*  Had to drive back over it on the way to and from the doc's office too.  Sheeeiiitttee....

I know, I know.......therapy.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Tale Of Two Pups

I have some dear friends that have a horse farm.   They breed and show horses.  They also have a couple of dogs around the place.  My friends husband had someone at work that needed to find a home for their labrador, so he brought the dog home.  My GF already had an old geriatric lab and a jack russell terrier puppy to take care of, and had no patience for the rather 'enthusiastic' 3 year old New Comer.  He was merely tolerated and fed.

My other friend that is partners on the same farm took the new lab into her home, but she also already had an adult lab and a jack russell terrier puppy, and although she was good to the New Comer, he just didn't really get any attention.  Her dogs insisted on her attention, and that's just sort of how it went. He was tolerated, petted, and fed.

Any time we would go to the farm to help or work horses or whatever, one topic that always came up was how dumb the New Comer was.  Beautiful, but stu stu stu stupid.  I never thought so, I really liked him.  Although I admit, he was very 'enthusiastic' and was so affectionate that anyone that showed him any attention ran the risk of being plowed over by him.  

These gals had to be out of town for several weeks, and the second friend asked if I would dog sit for her, to help her out financially, and of course I agreed.  She took her lab with her and left her jack russell pup and the New Comer with me.  While the puppy drove me insane with bouncing off the walls, the New Comer would just hang out wherever I was, watching me and wagging his tail.   Pretty soon I was talking to him and teaching him little tricks and such.  I taught him to get his bowl and carry it out to put his food in it for dinner, and taught him to take things to the trash and throw them away.

Friends came back and I went over to help them unload from the trip and deliver the dogs.  Of course we stood around chatting some about the show they had been at, etc, and the dogs ran around playing and doing what dogs do.  When it came time for everyone to get in their trucks and head to the house, the New Comer made a beeline to my truck and plopped down, looking back at me and wagging his tail.  Friend called to him to get in her truck and he would run over and say hi to her then run right back to my truck when I headed over there.  I say "maybe he can stay just one more night then?"  this went on every time I would go back to the farm until one night when the Papooses and I went over to help collect hay bales from the fields and stack them in the barn.  After the work was done, Friend One wanted to buy everyone dinner in town, Friend Two said she was too tired and would watch the dogs at her place while we went.  As we pulled back into the farm driveway after eating, my phone goes off, I answer it and hear "Will you PLEASE come get YOUR dog????  He is going crazy trying to get out of the house and find you!!!!"  New Comer had decided I was his person.  I was mighty ok with that.

That dog was my best buddy and went everywhere with me for years and years.  He ended up being the smartest best dog in the world.  He carried feed buckets and hoses when I fed horses, he would go along behind me when I would collect the laundry and pick up anything I missed, I could point at something and tell him to take it to the trash and he would happily do it.  I can't even tell you all the things that dog learned.  He understood everything I said, I swear.

May of 2010 he stopped eating.  We spent dozens of hours and tons of money seeing vets, running tests, taking xrays. Nothing helped. Nobody could figure out what was wrong.  On  June 12th of 2010 I buried him under the tree out by the pasture where he carried feed buckets and water hoses for me every morning and evening for so many years.
New Comer/Mom's Best Helper

The New Comer

Fast forward to October 2010.  Some friends of mine breed, show and compete with labs.  One of them has his pick of the current litter that he intends to train as a hunting dog and do competitive field trials with.  Then his wife leaves him and he finds his life in turmoil and himself living in an apartment.  Can't see himself taking care of a dog.  They call me. I refuse to even meet the dog.  They harass.  I say ok I'll just see a picture.  Enter LabPup.  The last thing I needed when I am working two jobs.  But he is sweet.  As I have posted before, he's not overly people oriented, but we are working on that.  He is a good boy.  I do love him.

At first, when he had absolutely no interest in people at all, and me in particular, it made me miss the New Comer even more fiercely.  For awhile I even considered finding him another home.  But over the past week or so, LabPup is starting to come around.  Last night he passed up a prime cat chasing opportunity to come climb in my lab instead.  He may just end up being my buddy after all.  He has a big collar to fill........

LabPup/Rope Killer

For You, Baby Girl, Mom Loves You

Good Thoughts For Papoose #1

Papoose #1 is in college.  She took every dual credit class she was allowed to during her junior and senior years of high school, and is a sophmore now, her first year actually in college.

Affording this education has been incredibly tough on her, even with loans etc.  I am so very proud of her.  I have been almost no help to her on anything to do with her schooling.  I never attended college, and was no help to her on the application process of it, and financially there is very little I can do for her just yet as well.  Just about the only thing I did for her was give her a car.  Thats it, other than that, she's carrying the ball the whole hundred yards.

So she is literally working her way through college.  She takes oodles of course hours and still works to support herself, pay her school loans, feed herself, maintain her car, buy clothes and everything else.  She works as a waitress, but she also is a fantastic photographer and extremely talented, so makes some money doing side jobs of photo shoots for people.  Strictly word of mouth, and she has managed to support herself with it.  Yeah, she's THAT good.

Everybody loves her.  She has always had the most beautiful soul and a personality that just draws people to her. She funny and sweet, incredibly intelligent, and so creative that I just don't know where that even came from.  She is athletic and determined and outgoing.  She is the type of girl I always wanted to be, but never knew how.

She has been going through numerous interview, classes and preparation for months now, vying for an Residential Leader (like a college level hall monitor/house mother) position.  If she is selected, it will cover room and board as well as offer her an office position there at the college, where she is not only encouraged, but expected to bring her homework and studies in to work with her.  This would be a blessing for her in so many ways.  Monetarily, of course, but also in the fact that if she gets a job on campus, she can get more study time in while working, instead of waiting tables for hours on end and then going home and studying.  Today she goes in for the final interview, the big time.  She is as nervous as you can even imagine.

Anyhow, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, if you have a minute.  She is an amazing person, and is working hard to become a productive part of our society.  She has grown into an incredible person, despite my less than stellar parenting.  I've been so blessed to be allowed to share my life with someone like her.  God really did me a good turn on that.  She is one of the good ones.

I Hope You Dance has been 'our' song since it was released.  It's how I've always felt about her, and the attitude I've taken in raising her.l

Mess, Great Minds, and all that....

Mess, I was going to post this version of Hallelujah last week, and ran out of time. Listened to your version on your blog and decided to get this put up.

Gorgeous guitar. Love it.

Took a trip to Central Market last night.  Love going there.  The Papooses and I can make a whole major outing of it, haha.  No Papoose with me last night, but I'm not saying I was alone either  ;-)

I bought the most massive head of cauliflower I have ever seen in my life.  I'm not joking, the thing is like a foot across!!  Also had to get about 5 different kinds of apples, as usual.   They had some pretty little eggplants so I grabbed a couple of those.  Oranges, bananas, the usual suspects.  Had artichokes on my list, but they were just too expensive and didn't look very good.  I really don't like the Central Market off of 30, and rarely ever go there.  I usually hit the one in Southlake. Much cleaner, and the produce is always head and shoulders above the other one.

When we go, we always make sure to try something new that we've never had before.  Many times that will end up being some different fruit or veggie.  Last night it was apples.  There was one called a Pinata apple that a fellow was stocking up, and he asked me if I would like to sample one.  Really nice guy.  Anyhow, after I picked out a few of those, I moved over to the Fujis (gotta have my fujis) and a manager fellow came by and handed a phone to the nice guy that had given me the apple sample, and said, in an incredibly loud voice "now don't get to jabberin' so much you don't hear this phone ring, and when anyone calls it, for God's sake answer it 'hello', not 'bueno'!!!"  and as he walked away from the guy he muttered "f*ing mexicans".  The look on the nice fellas face really made me sad.  Poor guy.  Nobody deserves that kind of treatment, ever, and in public like that, when he is doing his job and being so pleasant to everyone around him?  Geez.

I don't usually buy rotisserie chickens but they had them on sale last night so I grabbed one to cheat and use for lunches and quick dinners etc.  I felt so extravagant  :-)

It's really bugging me that I can't place a tilde over that 'n' in Pinata up there.  Why is the thing on the dang keyboard if there isn't going to be a way for me to put it over an 'n' in words like Pinata????  Now that I've typed it over and over, there are three places that are bugging me for not being able to place a tilde on them. Grrrrr.

I have finally joined the club of peeps who've left their cell phones places.  I cannot afford to replace the few nice things I have, so I am pretty anal about keeping track of them and taking care of them.  My phone is a great example of this.  I keep it meticulously clean, always carry it in the soft suede cover that came with it, and always carry it somewhere safe, either my purse in it's little cubby pocket, or in my pants pocket, if I don't have my purse with me.  Well last night I allowed myself to be distracted and put it in the small top part of the shopping cart.  Yes, I paid,  grabbed my groceries, and walked out of the store with my distraction, leaving my phone in the cart.  I am sure I over reacted to the fact that perfect strangers had my phone, I am sure other people wouldn't be freaked out like I was, if they left their phone somewhere, but as I mentioned, I don't have the dough to replace mine....even worse, I have my children's phone numbers etc in there and that scares me for anyone else to have.  Don't ask me why I am such a loon, I just am.  Of course, it had been turned in to the front desk so I got it back.  The lady behind the front desk was sort of a creeper though, she held it behind her back and made me describe absolutely everything about it, until I got peeved enough to say "what else do you need to know, how many naked pictures are on it or something?? Give me my phone, Weird Chick With Green Hair!!!"

I'm really ready to be able to afford a tire for the baby car so I don't have to keep putting gas in the dang gas guzzler every day.  Bleh.

Well, have all my vitamins and herbs and junk to work on getting me healthy.  Didn't buy any junk food at all last night, and am down to only one cup of coffee each morning.

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit, huh???  Gonna be a lonnnnnnnnnng three weeks.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Speaking of pianos

I would like to apologize for the curse words in last nights post.  I'm not going to say that it was very unlike me, because it's not, I have a potty mouth, but I generally work very diligently to tame it while in polite company.  Or, when I am with anyone other than myself, I should say.  Usually when I am typing up my notes for my posts, I just let it fly and ramble on, then I go back and add *'s or change wording or whatever so I am not as offensive as I may be 'au naturel' *smirk*

Drinking beer is very very bad for you.  I like beer.  Dammit.  Darn it.

I wonder what percentage of people really do the 5 second rule?  I know I see it alot, haha.

My car is constantly covered in muddy kitty paw prints.  How in the world do I keep outside cats off of my car?  I am way to lazy to cover it every night.  Balls  :-(

LabPup found a huge kitty tootsie roll out in the sandy area of the driveway last night.  Although I caught him immediately and told him to drop it, his breath was hideous!!!  I fed him a snickerdoodle and a leftover piece of chicken piccata to try to tone down the stank.  Gross.

I drop Papoose #2 off at school every day on my way to Job#1.  This morning I had a police officer tailgate me for about 5 miles.  Even in the school zone.  He was so close to me that I could not see his headlights.  That pissed me off pretty good.  He finally pulled into the parking lot by the ball fields where he waits each morning for people speeding in the school zone.  Go figure.

If the scheduling works out right, I am going to the doc for a physical and to talk to him about what all has been going on with the Squaw.  See if we can't maybe get us a little helpskie.   News at 11.  Narf.

G'Day Y'all

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Throwing It Out There

I read the book Water For Elephants. Was good enough to keep me entertained, but I am curious how it will play as a movie.

Christina Aguilera and Pink have the best female voices in music today.

I love Cher. when I was young I always wanted her to be my mother.  Twisted, yeah. (I already warned you people that I'm not stable, sheesh).   Not for the famous or rich aspect, just because I'm incredibly drawn to her. I know her daughter is all he/she jacked up, but I still always wanted her to be my mom. I used to watch the Sonny and Cher show every time it was on, and that's saying alot, because even back then I was not a television watcher.  I think Cher is damaged somehow in a similar way to how I am damaged. When I was younger, I saw that, for some reason.

Mister Wonderful is totally watching the Joan Rivers reality show.  Wow.  Shoveling his dinner into his mouth and completely tied into that show.

I love Cher, Liza Minelli, Barbara Streisand, and Judy Garland.  Oh sh*t.  That makes me a drag queen, doesn't it??????????????????????  H*ll, I'm not good enough with my hair and makeup to be a drag queen!!!!

Now Mr. W is watching some show about drag queens.  Wth is going on around this place tonight???

I taught myself how to play Moonlight Sonata by ear on the piano when I was younger, because it was my mothers favorite song and I thought it would make her happy.  It, and a couple of other very simplistic songs are the only piano pieces I know to this day.  I can play the h*ll out of Moonlight Sonata though, hahahaha.

I've always wanted to learn to swing dance and ballroom dance. Silly as it sounds, that is one of the things that made me so sad about my dark marriage to Mister Wonderful, that he would never even entertain the thought of taking lessons with me.  H*ll, he won't even take me out anywhere, much less to dance lessons.  I think I will take lessons someday.  I am the least coordinated person you will ever meet, I can't even do the electric slide without jacking it up somehow.  But dang I love to dance, talent be damned.  I will get out there and boogie and make myself look like an idiot, but I will have a TIME doing it!!

I like it when people comment on my thoughts.  Whether it is something that is positive or negative.  It centers me, somehow, to have other peoples opinions of this chaos that goes through my mind all the time.  I appreciate the input.  I really do.

Listen to the Sonata.  Even if you don't think you like that kind of music, just take a few minutes out of your life and sit back and listen to it.  It really is very good.  Very moving.  Enjoy it.  It can teach you how to relax, laugh, cry and lament all in one song.

Night, all.

For My Mom



Why do people think they are the only ones using the roads?  I don't have any problem with you pulling out in front of me and cutting me off, but for heavens sake, if you are in SUCH a dang hurry that you can't wait till I pass before you pull out, then get on the damn gas and get to scootin' and stay out of the way!!   I don't know how many times a week this happens, but I will be driving along and some numbskull will pull out right in front of me, then proceed to go about 35-40 miles per hour.  Most of the time when this happens, there are NO cars behind me, so if you really want to drive 35 in a 65-70 mph zone, then can you please do so behind me???  Good gravy.  Just like we were discussing yesterday on the National Anthem thread over at Mr. Corners place, people just have no respect or consideration for anything or anyone in life anymore.  Sorry state of affairs, it is.

This weekend at Job#2 I helped a beautiful little family of four.  Physically beautiful, that is.  They ate and then came back up to the front to order something to go and I saw the two boys eying the little dish of candy we have sitting there by the register.  I asked the father if it would be ok for me to offer the kids a piece of candy, and he said yes.  I offer the dish to the boys and the younger one grabbed several pieces.  The older boy, looked to be around 9-10, says in a very rude voice 'I don't even LIKE that kind!!!'  I just ignored the rude comment and sat the dish down.  The kid then proceeds to grab a toothpick, pull the cellophane wrapper off of it, and throw the wrapper on the floor without even blinking.  It was obvious he was accustomed to doing this type of thing.  Neither parent said a word about it. I was disgusted. Thanks for raising such outstanding people to send out into the world, yuppy jerks!!

Also this weekend at Job#2 we had a couple come in the door that I knew in an instant were on something.  Being raised around this stuff, not only can I spot it a mile away, it freaks the ever loving h*ll out of me to be around it.  I tried to stay up front while they ordered, but was incredibly uncomfortable, watching them fidget and talk nonsense, watching the woman pull at her hair and sift through her purse and both of them forget what they were doing right in the middle of ordering.  I finally had to head to the back and notify one of the owners about what we had going on out there.  In the meantime, the cashier got their order in and they went to sit down.  Throughout the time they were there, every time they would see a male employee, the man would ask him "hey, hey, is there a match in there?" and point to our banquet room.  He must have asked this question a dozen times.  Finally he and his woman headed out to their car.  We thought we were free of them.  Not so.  The man came back inside and got up in my face asking me where the toothpicks were.  I showed him and he grabbed several then asked me where the restroom was.  He was in there for so long that we sent male employees to check on him.  Finally, after ascertaining that the guy wasn't using the restroom for it's intended purposes, we called the police in.  That officer called for backup.  The guy was arrested and evidently had numerous outstanding warrants.  Not to mention he was a pos doper.  The woman was cranked up too, but they let her leave.  She didn't act very surprised by the whole thing, like having some chow and getting arrested was a regular routine.  I cannot imagine choosing to live that way.  I was forced to live that crap when I was too little to do anything about it, I cannot FATHOM living that way on purpose.

Thank you, Lord, for keeping my mind right so that I could walk away from all of that.  Thank you that I have had no health issues from being born through that.  Thank you that I have managed so far to muddle through raising two loving, healthy, considerate, respectful, children, even though I had no example or advice on how to do so.  I've not done the best job, but I've tried.  Thank you that I have had the challenges that I have had in my life, to teach me and shape me.

Thank you.


I rarely think dj's are funny. When I turn on the radio, I want music.  Is that so much to ask for? I mean, we already have to listen to a zillion commercials in order for them to afford to be on the air, do I really have to listen to all the goofy crap these people think is so funny?  Hey guys, bit of info, if you were that funny you would have a stand up show somewhere and I would come see you there.  Because my intention would be to listen to someone talk talk talk.  When I turn the radio on, tune through 8 different stations during a 15 minute drive and don't hear a single song, really irritating.  Y'all just aren't nearly as funny or entertaining as you think you are.

I think I am the only person in world doesn't like the group Maroon 5.  Since the first song they ever released to now, I will change the station immediately if they come on.  I will do the same with Santana.  I don't know why, but they get on my nerves.

I have also never ever seen a whole superman movie.  I don't know, they just never really grabbed me and kept me watching.  I've also never seen an entire 007 flick.  I also hate watching baseball.  And although I bake a killer apple pie, I really don't like to eat it.  I bake it for others and they eat it but I will never have any.

Am I just about as unamerican as they come, or what??  Wow.

Monday, January 24, 2011

And Again

Happy Monday, all.

I was so exhausted driving home from work last night that I really had to focus on driving in order to feel that I was being safe.  Almost like I had medicine head or something, know what I mean?  I was just drug out bone weary for some odd reason.  Once I got home I was completely unable to relax, much less fall asleep.  I let LabPup hang out with me and we caught a couple of flicks together.  First we watched Toby Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Natalie Portman in "Brothers".  Ok movie, different than I expected it to be.  I hate endings that leave you wondering wth happened.  Grr.  Then I was still bright eyed and bushy tailed, so LabPup and I decided to watch another one.  Watched about 15 minutes of "Last Song" with Miley Cirus, looked at each other like 'oh, you have GOT to be kidding me' and instead chose a movie called "Flawless" with De Niro and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  We liked that one ok, although it had sort of a strange ending too.  We ended up heading to bed around 2:30a.m.  I'm a smidgy tired  today.  But hey, if you can't sleep, you can't sleep.  May as well do something other than lie there ticked off you can't sleep, right?  I usually read, but last night I decided on movies.  Very odd for me.

I've always been more of a De Niro fan than a Pacino fan.

I'm wearing Celine Dion's Sensational perfume.  Last spray left in the bottle.  I love this stuff.  Cheap, but smells really good and lasts throughout the day very well too.  I used to wear nothing but Gucci No.3, from the time it came out when I was a teenager till they discontinued it a few years ago.  My mother bought me a bottle every year for Christmas, it was one of our few traditions.  I know you can still find it for sale online, but it, like so many other good perfumes, changes how it smells as it ages, and I don't care for it as much.

I really wanted to watch the Patriots in the Super Bowl this year.  Bummer, dude.

I LOVED the movie "The Birdcage".  My mother and I must have watched that thing a hundred times.  Hilarious!!!

Someone in my life that I love more than anything has Nail Patella Syndrome.  One of the things that 50% of people with this disease end up dealing with is renal failure.  I worry every day about him making good choices and taking care of himself as well as he possibly can, to do his best to avoid as many of the possible complications that may lie ahead.  Not drinking enough water, and drinking ALOT of soda every day is not a good thing for people whos kidneys are already compromised.  *sigh*

I talk to myself alot.  Always have.  People tease me about it.  I wonder if that comes from being an only child, or if I'm just a loon.

Doing really well on cutting the coffee out of my diet.  The coffee at Job#1 is being made so strong nowadays that it gives me heartburn immediately, so no worries about drinking it.  I bring my travel mug from home and drink it and thats it.  Need to transition that into green tea, and I'll be all set.  I do still drink alot of iced tea on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Job#2 though, and I know that needs to be addressed as well, if I want to get caffeine out of my diet altogether.

Ok, I've bored you enough for now.  Have a great day everyone.  We are all so blessed to be here  :-)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Holy Matchbox, Batman!!!

Ummmm, WOW?  It's a wonder this fellow is single, eh??  I know, I know, snark alert.  Sorry, couldn't resist.

Mr. Corner, you need you one of these bad boys.

Oh, Yeah.......My Song.

Super Duper Friday Ma Peeps!!!!

We made it again!!  Round of applause everyone, riotous round of applause is called for here!!!

Almost time to take on Job#2.  I only work there Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays right now.  I pull in almost full time hours in those three days though, so that will start paying off financially here pretty soon.  One of the day managers was sent home sick yesterday.  She went to the doctor and found out that she without any doubt has the Swine Flu.  Oh.Goody.Goody.  There is no telling how many people were exposed to her before she got sick enough to be sent home.  I am praying that nobody else gets sick, employees or customers.  Every one of us has kids at home, too.

I am craving tuna sandwiches with bbq chips.  That is very odd.  That is one craving I have never had before.

Still have the evil Dark Reeses in my purse, too.  Why, oh why do I temp myself??  *sigh*

I am looking forward to springtime, when my dear friend is going to come help me do something with my yard so it will look like someone actually lives there.  I mean, I've only been in the house five years now, don't rush me on the landscaping thing!!

I really liked how Mr. Corner described his wife on his blog today.  That was really really sweet.  Good on ya, buddy.

I am having an incredibly hard time bonding with LabPup.  I've always enjoyed training the dogs I've had in my life, but for some reason, he and I just aren't 'clicking'.  Maybe it's because I'm just not home much?  But when I am home he just really doesn't look for attention from me.  I don't know.  Maybe that will change.  I've never had a dog that didn't get attached and want to be near me etc.  He really could care less about people.  Totally focussed on chasing cats or playing with other dogs.  Makes training him less than enjoyable.  Usually the hard work and hassle of having a puppy is more than worth it for the companionship they provide.  Not so with LabPup.  Idk.

I hate that I need to get out and exercise to lose weight, but I am so out of shape that I am too lazy to want to exercise.  What an evil cycle.  I'm going to start walking LabPup every morning or night.  That may help with a couple of my issues, eh?  Now, who is going to kick my lazy butt out the door???  Hahaha.

My car still needs a new tire.  Just don't have the $200.00 to spend on that particular thing right now.  So I am stuck driving the Explorer, sans defroster.  Boy did that make for a looooooooooong start to the morning.  It is parked where there is no cover, and I totally spaced out on putting something over the windshield to avoid the whole ice ordeal this morning.  So there I was scraping the window with a plastic cup that was in the back floor board.  Funny stuff.  Papoose #2 had a good time taking pics of me doing so.  Brat. Haha.  Made myself late to work because of my failure to think ahead.  Hate it when I do dumb crap like that.

I am very blessed in my life in so many ways.  I appreciate it and give thanks for all my blessings as well as my hardships and challenges.  I also do alot of asking for forgiveness.  Alot of that.  I am a work in progress, but it's exhilarating to at least be working on it.  For so many years I was in a rut of hating myself and my circumstances, and it never once occurred to me that I could realistically do anything to change it.  Now that, my friends, has GOT to be indicative of mental problems.  Ah well, I'm doing it now, and as they say, better late than never, yes??

Who is 'they' anyhow?


I really find it interesting how different people view things in their own way.  No sarcasm font here at all, I really mean what I am saying here.

You know how they say every person will interpret a painting or a book or a song in a different way?  It is so true, isn't it??

For instance, and what brings me to post this, is the way that different people interpreted my comment "Many people get a good life they don't deserve while others that deserve good things suffer. I don't pretend to understand it, but it sucks."

When I wrote this, I had on my mind and heart a few people in my life that have been going through some really hard times, not necessarily financially, but in other ways.  Different situations and different reasons for my thinking about them, but none of them were financial reasons.  One has had hell with family, another with general odd luck of circumstances, yet another having issues with bullying that has gone on too long and still isn't over and done with.  

Then also on my mind were a few people I know that are really not very nice people.  Not good people.  Yet they have been blessed with people in their lives that tolerate them and try to love and help them, even when they are treated awfully by said person/people.  People that, no matter what jerks they behave like, are still treated well and just generally skip through life unmolested by guilt or hard circumstances, and have yet to see consequences for their ill behavior.

But I really do find it interesting that many people did automatically read into my comment a financial theme.

Isn't it cool how we are all so different in how we view things??  I think it is, I really do!!!

Anyhow, I thought it was interesting  :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thoughts From Home

So, people are figuring out about this blog.  Finding it.  I think I am ok with that.  Sort of odd for people that know me to know this is my blog, but then, I decided to be honest on here, so if people that know me, and know the events of my life that I have shared so far, figure out it's me, so be it. I am not going to lie.  This is my journal.  I will write whatever I want to, when I want to write it, and screw the collateral damage.

Like someone I adore said recently, if you choose to go snooping on someone, be prepared to be shocked, surprised, hurt.  That is YOUR choice for making the decision to share in something you were not necessarily invited into.  Question for all.......if you had the opportunity or ability to, would you get inside your significant others head???  Would you really want to know what goes on in there??  Your kids??  Your best friend???  Hmmmmm....

I liked the movie Fight Club.

I think there are way too many people that don't deserve to have children that are blessed with them, and way too many that deserve them yet aren't blessed with having them.

My  bestest dearest most amazingest good friend from forever just found me a couple of days ago on facebook.  We had lost touch.  Her husband was a crazy cop who hated my guts for some reason.  I didn't try overly hard to stay in touch to save her the grief.  He doesn't get to be her husband anymore.  Now she found me.  Life is good.

There are too many jerks in the world, both male and female.

Many people get a good life they don't deserve while others that deserve good things suffer.  I don't pretend to understand it, but it sucks.

I still believe that there are more good hearted people in the world than evil hearted people.  I will always believe that.

I was raised by a drug addict.  It sucked.  I still loved her, and I miss her like nobody's business.

She would have been so proud of the papooses  :)

I still don't understand why anyone reads this gibberish.

I.NEED.THERAPY. hahahahahahahhahahah
Cutting back on caffeine, day two:  Only had two travel mugs of the drug this morning, and didn't finish the second one because it got cold while I was busy working.  That's a good thing.

Of course, went to lunch with friends and jacked up the eating healthy part by having a burrito.  Granted, without the cheese and sour cream.  Had brisket, pico de gallo, lettuce and hot sauce.  Yeah, and the flour tortilla  :(

Also brought back a jug of un-sweet tea big enough to drown puppies in.  So much for not taking in as much caffeine.

On a positive note, I did eat my oatmeal for breakfast like a good girl, and have not busted in to the evil Reeses Dark.

I have a set of dvd workouts that a friend loaned me.  Tonight after work I will actually be participating in the workouts on them, rather than merely being a spectator on the couch with a beer in her hand.  Hmmmm.

Maybe I can do this after all.

One word.  Therapy.

Get Thee Away From Me, Satan!!!!


How many times have you been someplace where people run right into you because they have their head down texting, then they glare at you as if YOU were the one that did something rude??  Oh yeah, we've all had that happen to us.  Heck, I've been guilty of texting while walking and using one of the kids or whoever I'm with as a temporary guide as to where we were going, but I have never run into anyone because I was SO focussed on my communications that I was totally unaware of my surroundings.

Driving as much as I do from one job to another, I also see ALOT of the texting while driving phenomenon.  You know the one, where you come up on a car thats either going 30 miles under the speed limit or they are swerving all over the road, or both?  See it all the time.  Astounding.  Really irks me for my family to be put in even more danger on the roads.  But hey, it is what it is, right?

Now the idiot that was so consumed by her texting in the mall, fell into the fountain, ended up on YouTube wants to SUE THE MALL?????  Seriously???  If you weren't already mortified enough with yourself for being an idiot and falling into a giant fountain because you weren't paying any attention to where you were going, now you are going to make yourself look even more stupid by suing someone ELSE for your idiocy?? Really?

Man, The People Of  WalMart be damned, just look around you every day at The People Of The World for your dose of WTF????????????

Oh, good morning everyone  :)

***EDIT*** Why does the word 'sue' look so weird to me up there??  Did I do something wrong there? Ugh, public spelling and grammar.  

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Boring Stuff

After five years of the same old glasses that I couldn't see out of, I finally spent the money to buy a new pair.  They are incredibly uncomfortable and give me a headache every day because of the way they fit.  I've had them over a month now.  Now I have to take time off of work to make the 40 minute drive to the eye doctor, most likely for them to tell me there is nothing they can do about it.  I already spent 20 minutes in the office the day I picked them up, trying to get the techs to adjust them so they were comfortable.  Bleh.

Has anyone else had this flu or whatever is going around?  Starts out with headache and nausea, then moves on to horrible body aches and coughing etc?  I know at least a dozen people in different stages of suffering with it, and the Papoose #2 started in yesterday with the headache and sore throat  :(

Everyone makes fun of Britney Spears, but I like alot of her music.

I had a dream last night that I had some kind of hybrid/electric/goofy car that would only go 25 mph.  It looked just like those little plastic cars you buy kids.  Then I had to give someone a jump start with it, and after they got their car started and took off, I realized my little toy car was smoking and wouldn't start.  I had to push it all the way home, the entire time thinking 'thank god it's a rental!!'   I mean, who dreams such things???  Jeez.

A cat got stuck on LabPups face last night.  Yes, you read that right.  LabPup is a really good doggie, but he does have one weakness, and that is chasing cats.  Has no idea what to do with them once he catches them, for him it's all about the chase (typical male), and if he mistakenly chases a mean/unafraid cat and it turns on him, he high tails it like a little girl.  Well last night he chased one of the outside kitties and the cat ran down by the horse pasture where he somehow got snagged by a bit of baling twine.  LabPup couldn't believe his fortune at actually catching up with the kitty and pounced on him, expecting the kitty to jump in the tree, as was the routine.  Mortified kitty couldn't make tracks because of the twine tangled around his back leg, so instead he turned around and launched himself at LabPups face.  FYI, dogs really do sometimes get that wide eyed goofy cartoon look on their face ;)  Somehow the twine that was tangled on kitty got tangled on LabPups teeth or something, and we proceeded to have a catdog rodeo across two acres of backyard.  Now, a good owner would be terrified for her pets safety and would NEVER dream of laughing at this situation.  Mark me off the good owners list.  I was laughing my as* off.  That dog is clumsy when he is simply walking across the carpet.  You add a pissed off kitty cat attached to his face and a little terror at the unexpected way events had unfolded in his young fun loving life, and you've got a marvel of blundering ineptitude.  All I could think was 'why do I never have a camera at the right times???'   They finally got themselves stuck behind the open gate, where I was able to untangle them.  Kitty took off like his butt was afire, LabPup looked up at me like 'Hi Mom!!!!  Didja see it??? Didja????? That kitty attacked me!!!!  Da noive!!!!'  Dumb dog.  Bless his heart.

The end.


I'm not getting any younger.  There are many ways that I abuse my body on a daily basis.  A few years ago, I stopped putting bad things in my body and got healthy.  It was an incredible metamorphosis.  So many ailments that I had been suffering with simply went away.  I felt great, had amazing energy, and started looking alot better too.  I want to feel that way again.  I am so pissed at myself for getting lazy and going back to all of my old/bad habits and ways.

I am going to stop drinking coffee.  I drink like a pot a day, so I will have to wean myself off of it over the next couple of weeks, or I will have horrific headaches and just generally be a real b*tch to everyone.  And we don't want that.

I am going to stop drinking beer.  Nuff said.

I am going to stop eating junk food.  I will stress eat, eat when I am not even hungry.  It's awful.  Yet another addiction.  I need to get back to eating healthy food thats actually good for my body.

I need to get off of my as* and exercise more.  Right now I am only doing a short, half a*sed workout twice a week.  It's not nearly enough.  I need to take LabPup for a walk when I get home, instead of popping open a beer and keeping my lazy self in the house.  Hmmmm, maybe I need to work into this??? Like, take a beer along while I walk the dog, ease myself into it?  KIDDING, so kidding!!

One problem I have, is I really and truly ENJOY drinking coffee.  And beer, for that matter.  Another problem here is, I love love love to cook and bake.  Dang it.

Anyhow, this all isn't a New Years Resolution.  I just feel like crap in one way or another every day, and I know for damn sure I am doing it to myself.  So, time to make some changes.

I'm not getting any younger.  This is the only body God entrusted me with, it's time I get serious about showing him I appreciate it and start doing my part to take care of it, before it's too late.

Oh boy, here we go.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Know I Shouldn't Laugh, But DANG!!!

Kinect is dangerous for pets

There's A Rabbit In My Tepee

When I got home last night, there was a rabbit in my tepee.  

Papoose #2 had been bugging me about getting a rabbit for quite some time.  My answer was always easy to predict - NO.

Papoose #2 had a game Friday, and I was able to leave Job1 early to attend, but had to leave the game early in order to get to Job2 on time, so a Dear Friend of mine offered to take Papoose #2 home for me.  Perfect!!

While I was working that evening, I receive a text from Dear Friend asking if they could keep Papoose #2 overnight and take her to their rabbit show the next day.  Sure thing, I said, she will really enjoy that!!

Fast forward to the next morning.  I am getting ready for work again, Job2, and my cell phone rings.  Now, we live in a black hole, having a cell conversation anywhere in or near our home is almost always impossible.  It has been this way for the five years we've lived there.  Heck, it's only been the last few months that we can even get internet service there.  I'm telling you, its like the technological Bermuda Triangle, and I am not exaggerating.  Anyhow, I roll my eyes and answer the phone.  It's Papoose #2.  Between the static, background noise from where she was, the cutting in and out of the cell service, and the racket of LabPup throwing his nylabone around the kitchen, I make out something that sounds like "LADY----BUNNIES-----FREE----PLEEEEEEEZE!!!"

I went with the pat answer, "NO!!!!!!!!!!".  Aren't I just the meanest mommy ever???

Long story short, Papoose #2 didn't claim the bad connection made it sound like my 'NO' was really 'Oh of COURSE sweet child, take the bunny, heck take two!!'.  She was a good little Papoose.

HOWEVER, Dear Friend felt that Papoose #2 desperately needed the experience of having a soft fluffy playmate to love, and decided to 'leave it up to fate'.  Meaning, Dear Friend saw a raffle for a little black bunny and promptly purchased NUMEROUS raffle tickets for said drawing.  You see where this is going.

Papoose #2 is delivered home safely Saturday evening, sans bunny, so I assume all is right in the world.  I am thinking wonderful things about what a responsible and mature papoose I have managed to raise, and am feeling quite fond of the wonderful person I have helped to shape and form into this amazingly responsible young adult.

Evidently, I failed to realize that 'fate' had stepped in and won us a bunny, at the hand of Dear Friend  :/

So now there is a show bunny in my tepee.  He is incredibly sweet, very lovable, and soft and gorgeous.  He has a pedigree and can be shown.  Who in the world knew that bunnies came with papers???

His name is Sexy Beast.

And people wonder why I am a woman on the edge..............

Now I am in hot water with Papoose #1, who just learned of the bunny.  Papoose #1 spent many moons begging for a show rabbit as well, and never did get one.  This squaw is in for it now!!!  hehehe.

It's A Business Deal

So, I think we have established that Mister Wonderful is not Mister Forever, right?  Good.

The thing is, for 19 years I tried so so hard to make everything ok, or at least acceptable or moderately healthy.  As the years progressed I became more and more frustrated and the feeling of being trapped, of somehow missing out on having a good/happy/fulfilling life grew more and more intolerable.  For some reason, I was convinced that this was the bed I made for myself and I was forever doomed to lay in it.  Also over those years, I began to believe the things I was being told, basically that any and all problems from our relationship (or lack thereof) to finances were all my fault somehow.

So I would try harder and harder to make things better.

Then a few years ago I realized not only was I not doing anything wrong, but that I didn't have to stay in this life forever.  We separated.  I was very happy with the freedom I discovered for the first time in my life.  It was amazing.  The whole mood of our household was so light, so happy.  Nobody yelling or calling anyone names.  For the first time ever, we had a real home, a happy home, a home the girls and I enjoyed coming home to.

It was during this time that I met The Real Deal. Purely by accident.

He treated me like the sun rose and set when I woke and slept.  He treated my kids like they were the most amazing creatures in the universe.  He listened to them, he helped them, he loved them.  And they loved him back.  This amazing new life lasted for one year.  The Real Deal lost his job.  We struggled through trying to find work for him, he had no shame, he would take any and all jobs he could find.  But this was during the worst of the unemployment problems, and it was incredibly hard.  He couldn't pay his share of the bills.  He couldn't pay for his truck, and lost it.  I don't make that much money and got to where I couldn't help anymore, and I was struggling just to keep my home.  The Real Deal decided the best thing he could do was go wherever he had to in order to try and get his life together.  He couldn't stand that he couldn't take care of us, even though I didn't expect him to.  He was at rock bottom.

It was about this time that Mister Wonderful called me, saying that his current girlfriend had slept with his best friend and he couldn't stand to live with said best friend any longer and wanted to come home.  He said he would live there as a roommate, live in the converted garage if he had to.  Said that he had no interest in getting back together with me as a couple, just needed to stay at the house until he could get his sh*t together and figure out what he was going to do with himself.  Since he's been home, I have found out, by his own admittance, that he cheated on me years ago, back when I was crying myself to sleep trying to figure out how to make him happy, how to make our family anything close to happy.

So that is where we're at.  It's a business deal.  Oh, Mister Wonderful realized how truly disconnected I was, once he moved back in, and got a little crazy for awhile, actually trying outrageous things to attempt to secure our marriage as a lasting bond again, things like being thoughtful, sometimes even romantic.....but of course none of that ever lasted more than a few days, minutes sometimes.  So here we sit, me trying to get my financial life in order, so I can make it on my own.  Both of us sitting on the house in hopes that the market will turn so we can sell it.  Him being his spoiled self sometimes and being a real as*hole, and me walking away from it.  Waiting to get our youngest daughter out of high school.  Waiting for, idk.....something.

I think alot of marriages are like this.  Roommates.  Parents.  Friends.  Enemies, at times.  I think sometimes it's more of a habit, a need for the familiar, than it really is a romance.  We love each other, in our way, I know.  But not in the way that makes your heart smile when they walk in the room, or when you see them interact with your child, not in that way.  Not in the way that makes your heart beat faster when you think of them during the day.  Not in the way that makes you dream of the future together.

It's a business deal.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Fatties In The Lazy River

OMG this is so dang funny!!!!  Love stuff that catches me by surprise and makes me giggle  :-)

Hate me - Blue October


Good morrow, fair people.  I trust we all made it through the weekend with all limbs attached and no debt to the bail bondsman??

I've always loved the group Blue October.  Especially this song.  Stupid video, great song.  I really can't say why, but I listened to them alot during the time in my life a few years ago when I started to get my head straight and realize I really can change my life and my circumstances, and that I don't have to live unhappy or be treated horribly.

Another favorite group of mine is Dashboard Confessional.  My all time favorite song by them is this one, but they have so many good ones.

I guess I like out of the ordinary music because I myself am an odd duck.  Idk.

Someone in my life just sent me a text that was so incredibly touching, it made me totally tear up.  Brought tears to my eyes, literally.  Amazing person.  I am so blessed to know this person and be part of their life, I cannot begin to explain.

I've never liked Meatloaf.  The singer.  I don't like meatloaf, the food either, unless I make it so it has lots of good spicy stuff in it, like Rotel hot or something.

When I was younger, there was a little place in Monterey near the wharf where a good gal friend of mine and I would meet every Tuesday and eat Mongolian Beef.  It was the best best best food ever in the world.  It was a little place called Tsing Tao's, and you had to know where it was and walk down this little back alley thing to find the entrance.  The hallway you walked down to get to the restaurant had a ceiling that was so low, even I had to sort of duck, and I am only five six!!  Incredible food though.  I took Mister Wonderful there one time, just after we met, and he proceeded to eat everything, even the red chili pepper pods in the Mongolian Beef.  Now theres a mistake you will only ever make once!!!

I've tried many many places since moving from Cali, and never found another restaurant that comes close to making Mongolian Beef as good as Tsing Tao's.

The caramel corn at Oscar Hossenfelder's was the bestest in the westest too.  The hand carved carousel was absolutely stunning as well.  Lot's of neat little shops to wander through.

Ok, gotta get back to work.  Have a fab day, all.


Friday, January 14, 2011

This is too funny.  I've said it a million times before....I would HATE to be a guy, dealing with women!!  Women are impossible to figure out!!!

I enjoy Mister Corner's question of the day.

I miss Obi blogging.

I am actually looking forward to working my other job this weekend.  I enjoy the people I work with and some of the customers are so darn funny and nice.  I am looking forward to that distraction.

By January 31st I will have my house payments caught up completely.  That will feel really good.  Someone was supposed to be paying them and come to find out, was not paying them.  I was stuck with the task of striking a deal with the mortgage company.  I have had to really work my as* off to come up with almost four thousand dollars in only a few weeks.  Bleh.

Enough pity party for me!!!  This is my year, damm*t!!!!   It's ALL GOOD!!!

I don't HAVE to, I GET to!!!

And I am not typing in sarcasm font on that.  I really believe it, and I appreciate being reminded of it today  :)

My Medicine

So, ran out to do some errands at lunch, and stopped by the store to grab my 'medicine'.  They were out, but I found a passable substitute.  I was looking for dark chocolate reeses peanut butter cups, but had to settle for these cute little guys instead.

Because This Is How I Feel Today

Passive Aggression

People that do sh*t just to be assh*les and feel some sort of control over other people are ridiculous.

Deciding you have a beef with someone for NO reason other than to be an assh*le is a waste of effort.

But hey, if making other people miserable  with your little passive aggressive bullshit makes you feel like a big person, knock yourself out.

Yes, I mean you.  You know who you are.  THIS time it actually IS about you.

And by the way, we can see who reads our blogs, when,  and where they linked from.  We can also see if you use your isd domain to forward a link or email from our blogs.

So if you hate me so much and have such a damn problem with me, why can't you stay the h*ll off of my blog?  Hahahahaha.

All of this started because you outed yourself on talking sh*t behind my back, because you thought one of my previous less than positive posts was about you.  Hey, that is YOUR dipsh*t move, you have absolutely no reason to be pissed off at me about it.  Good grief!!

I put up with WAY too much undeservedly sh*tty treatment at home, I do not need any more of it elsewhere.

Get over yourself.  You are making a problem where there doesn't need to be one.   You know I've never done a damn thing to you except be your friend.  You want to talk whatever smack about me that you've OBVIOUSLY been talking, go right ahead, Princess.  You don't want to be my friend??  No problem, no big loss to me, if you are tearing me up behind my back anyway, who needs you?  But you back the he*l off of me at work.  Stay out of my face, and stop trying to do idiotic passive aggressive sh*t around here just to show off how pissed off you are.

The world already knows you are a B*TCH, you can stop working so hard to reinforce it now.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Karma, She's A Bitch

Ok, so I am known as a huge animal lover and advocate.  In other words, every single person that knows me and has or knows of a dog or cat or any other type of animal that really needs a home will tell me about them or bring them to me in hopes that I will find them a new home.  I've done this for years.  I only recently stopped taking them in because of my friends gifting me with a 6 month old white lab puppy, trying to sooth my heart from my losing the most perfect dog in the world to old age last year.  Of course, my loving friends failed to realize how 'interesting' my life would be with a rambunctious labrador puppy while working two jobs.... Anyhow, I digress........

About 6 years or so ago, I had a beautiful female German Shepherd at the house.  She was the sweetest thing, but no matter how much attention, training and exercise I gave her, she still had so much hyper energy that she just couldn't hardly stand herself.  This manifested itself anytime I had to leave her outside alone for ANY and I do mean ANY length of time.  She would bark.  And bark.  And bark and bark and barkandbarkandbarkandbark and, well, you get the idea.  After trying absolutely everything I could think of, I finally relented and went and purchased a bark control collar.  Now hush, if you understand how they work, you will know that they are much more humane than you would think.  After all, dogs are very clever, and they learn within 5 minutes or less what to do and what not to do and it's all over.  After that you can pull the batteries out and just let them wear the collar and the lesson stays with most of them.

SO, I bring this collar home and wrestle it out of the package (anyone else abhor those damn razor sharp shrink wrap packages, raise your hand) and get busy putting the battery in it.  In walks Mister Wonderful (in case you don't know who he is, please refer back to previous posts about my spousal unit).  He looks at what I am doing, watches me as he pops open a Bud, and says "Wtf did you waste money on now?" to which I replied "It's a bark collar for the Shepherd"  to which he replies "You are a f*cking retard, those things don't work!!"  and I say "It will work, trust me, it will work"

He is now opening and drinking his second beer, comes into the living room, sits on the couch, grabs the collar off of the coffee table, AND SNAPS IT ON HIS NECK.

Now, anyone who has dealt with a brand new plastic squeeze snap, like the ones they use on dog collars, fanny packs etc, knows how incredibly stiff they are when they are brand new.  And this collar is for a BIG dog, therefore it is a BIG thick snap.

So what does Einstein do next??  You guessed it, right as I was yelling "No!!!  Don't do it!!!"  He hauls in a lung full of sweet country air and lets out a loud "WOOOOOOOF".   Now this is where it gets good.

Along with the tell tale 'bleeeep' the collar lets out to tell you it's working comes the most sissified girl squeeling squall I have ever heard emanate from a human being.

*His eyes bulged out of their sockets
*He jerked straight as a board, knocking his beer across the living room
*He began clawing at the collar, trying to get it off of his neck, but the snap was too stiff
*He continued screaming "GET IT OFF!!! GET IT OFF!!! GET IT OFFFFFF!!!"  which, of course, the collar mistook as him saying "WOOOOF!!! WOOOOOF!!! WOOOOOF!!!!"
*He flopped off of the couch and rolled on the floor, banging his head on the coffee table and knocking a chair over, in the meantime, the dog the collar was intended for thinks "Oh boy, a human on the floor, FAIR GAME!!" and this 110 pound dog begins pouncing on him and rolling around on the floor with him while he's shrieking and crying and losing every shred of dignity he ever possessed.    

I was too hysterical to do anything but stand there and point and laugh and try like hell not to pee my pants.  I couln't even see, I had tears flowing so freely.  The safety mechanism finally kicked in and it auto shut off.  Dammit.  He untangled himself from the dog, unsnapped the collar, wiped the drool and tears off of his face, stood up and announced "You crazy Bit*h!!!!  You did that on purpose!!!!"

They have since changed how those collars are made.  The shock they supply isn't nearly as strong as it  used to be.  I still have that original collar, and to this day, I have only to walk past him with that collar, make it beep, and I swear he turns into a quivering puddle of drool and tears.

Good times...ahhhhh gooood times.

Like I said,  Karma, she's a bitch.

The end. 

Because Everyone Should Know This Kind Of Love In Their Life

Interesting Things Not Related To My Being A Lazy Procrastinator

I like this concept.  I am a very visual person.  For instance, I am completely unable to picture ideas for decorating my house, etc.  I can barely look at floor plans and visualize the finished actual house.  Hey, I embrace my uniqueness, you will just have to learn to do the same  ;-)

I took my younger papoose to see Twilight at the dollar theater years ago.  Poor thing was the last kid in the world to see that movie, I'm sure.  She had read all of the books as they came out, but still.  Anyhow, I have managed to avoid having to be subjected to any of the sequels because her wonderful older sister has taken her, thank the sweet mother earth.  BUT I will say in my finest Cougar voice that I am, and will ever remain, Captain of team Jacob....oh baby...HOOOOWWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLL!!!  heehee

So many wrongs go unpunished, but how many times does it happen to this end, I wonder.  I hate being accused of anything I didn't do or say, in the small little ways of everyday life.  I cannot imagine being accused of such serious things, if you truly and honestly are innocent.  I have someone that is very very dear to my heart who's entire life was changed by an accusation by someone that was trying to cover their own as*, and in their selfishness stole many years from my friend.  I cannot imagine living through that.

All I have to say is, other than the Domino's guy from my previous post, if you are going to lose it, lose it with hilarity, like this ol gal..... (and before anyone goes off half cocked, no, I do not condone theft, but you have to admit, claiming to be an international jewel thief in your golden years sure as heck beats living out your final days with 30 cats and a bowl of oatmeal, now doesn't it?)

When I was younger, my step brother married a rather 'unique' gal whos mother did this exact same thing.  Used whatever she found here and there or could get a good deal on someplace.  All different materials, from cinder blocks to that green wavy plastic you use around pool houses.  She started with an old covered wagon, and built a multi leveled house around it, with catwalks to get here and there, complete with a grand piano, full library, professional kitchen and indoor pool.  Exterior sliding glass doors were used on bedroom areas, the fridge was suspended above the lower two stories by cables.  Being in that house was like walking through a bizarre dream you might have after eating chili and ice cream too close to your bedtime.  Oh, she also built a full size, fully mirrored and railed dance studio in there.  Crazy town.

When I die, I want to come back as this cat !!!!!!

"I'm Rick James, B*tch"


AND I forgot my damn workout clothes again!!!!!!


Other than being an inherently lazy person, procrastination has always been my biggest downfall.  I don't know what it is, but I will put off everything I can possibly get away with putting off.  I absolutely HATE that about myself.  I guess being lazy and procrastinating are limbs of the same beast, but you know what I am saying.

I mean, I work hard.  I work two full time jobs, I never get a whole day off, it's a 7 day a week venture....but I am still lazy, if that makes sense?  I don't know, but I really piss myself off.

I house and dog sat for a friend of mine over the New Year.   Her mile long private road was so washed out that there was no way my little car could make it up there.  The washed areas were bigger than the car in some areas.  She waited till the last minute to inform me of this.  So, I had to take the truck instead of the car during the few days/nights I stayed at her place.  This would not have been a problem, had I been responsible and remembered to get the inspection sticker on the truck renewed when it ran out in SEPTEMBER 2010.  As it was, I made it there and back a few times, and didn't get my ticket till New Years Day.

Fast forward to a week ago.  Right rear tire on my little car is low, wayyyy low.   I stop by and air it up, and think to myself, I need to definitely get that in and plugged or whatever asap.  Did I do it?  Nope.  Go out this morning and that thing is flat as a pancake.  Only on one side though.  *snicker*

So here I am, loading up in the STILL NOT INSPECTED truck, hoping I can get to work without another ticket, pissed at myself for all the irresponsible procrastination.  Made it to work without a new ticket.  But thats not the point!!!!  I am sitting here at my desk thinking DAMN I DON'T FEEL LIKE GOING AND GETTING THAT THING INSPECTED AT LUNCH!!!!

And thinking about going home and dealing with getting the flat tire repaired is irritating me too.

I mean, just exactly WHAT THE HELL is wrong with me??????????????????  Jeez.

I definitely need therapy.

Or a swift kick in the ass.  Idk.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For Obi-----------and Jar

hUmP dAy

This week is moving right along.  It's a bit nipplish out there again this morning, isn't it?

Well, managed to scavenge together some workout clothing for last night and get the dirty deed done.  Thank you Family Dollar, you fashion mecca you.  I know you all were worried about that.  (again, view in sarcasm font).

I love Katherine Hepburn, and so wish I had more time to watch some of her movies.  I have really been wanting to watch some old movies lately.  Gotta work hard now, so I can have more time to watch movies later, I suppose.  May try to sneak one in while doing laundry and such tomorrow evening.

Tonight is the weekly trip to The Wally World and the feed store.  Yes, my life IS that exciting.  Don't hate.

I am such a space cadet that I have to make notes and lists for everything.  Problem is, I am such a space cadet that I then lose the notes, forget where I put them.  I am beginning to just get past thinking that will ever change, and accept that I am, in fact, a space cadet.  I am learning to laugh it off.

Don't let me forget dish soap at The Wally World.

Flip flops make me happy.  I love flip flops.   Ok ok, I love all shoes.  I got the cutest little pair of van looking tennies at the Family Dollar last night.  I know they are horrible for my feet, but damn they are cute as hell!!!!

Uh oh......I wonder where I fall in the scope of things, after reading this from Mr. Corner:  * There are new blogs popping up everyday around these parts. Some funny, some interesting.............Some NOT.*   I am worried.  I mean, I talk about flip flops and The Wally World.  Yikes!!!

Stay warm everyone.  I have some work to get done.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


If you have never read Hyperbole and a Half, you must do so.  Now.  Not even kidding.  Funny funny stuff.  I only wish she would put more out.  After you read  The Party, you need to read Dog.  Laughter is such good medicine.  You are welcome.

Gosh, Is It Tuesday Already??? *view in sarcasm font*

Dammit, I totally forgot my workout clothes today!!!  No tennis shoes!!  Just clog Birkenstocks.  That is a recipe for disaster.  I am so clumsy, I'm lucky to come out of a workout in one piece when I am properly attired, this cannot happen!  Urgh.

I would love to live somewhere again where I can go snowshoeing in the winter.  That is the best dang workout ever!!  Horse back riding and snowshoeing.  Now THAT is a workout routine I can get into!

You know, I think it is incredibly sad how hard it is to be amazed anymore.  I mean, with all the special effects and photoshopping and plastic surgery, it's nearly impossible to be impressed anymore.  I find that so sad.  Now, we are so used to seeing amazing things, we just take it for granted and go on.  It used to be, if you had attractive features or a nice body, you were born with it or worked for it.  Anyhow, no point here, it's just something that crosses my mind quite often.

I am surprised at some of the people I have become incredibly close to, people that have managed to really become a part of my heart.  They are a few people that I never expected to become so attached to, or to feel so protective of.   I had a rather interesting childhood, as so many people have.  I spent the first forty or so years of my life thinking something was inherently broken inside of me.  I always felt that I had something missing.  I never thought I was capable of true unconditional love.  I had never really felt it.  I didn't think I was able.  I took the feelings I had for my children in stride, but did surprise myself at how all encompassing a mothers love for her children can be, but I was totally blind sided and taken utterly by surprise by the way my heart has taken in a few other people in my life.  People I never would have thought, upon meeting them, would end up becoming such a part of me.

I find it interesting that some people you really like and trust can end up completely undeserving of your trust and friendship, while others can sneak up on you, grow on you if you will, and carve out their own little space in your heart, where you can carry them with you everywhere you go.  I think of them as 'sleepers', and it makes me so happy to have these people in my life.  They, along with my wonderfully loving daughters, have taught me how to really love.

And to the people that I gave my friendship to who showed me they don't deserve it.  Shame on you.  Your loss.
I know, I know....most people do their growing up wayyyyy before 42.  So I am a bit late to class.  At least I showed up.

Have a wonderful day everyone.   Smile at someone today, ask them how they are doing, I bet they appreciate it  :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Because I've Loved This Song Since Before It Made The Radio


It has happened throughout time, over and over.  Just another sick example of greed and a lack of the most basic human decency.  Throw in a huge dose of NoConnectionToReality, and this is what you end up with.  Disgusting.

Falls in line right behind the sh*tbird women who kill their children to please some jacked up excuse for a man.

How, how how how how do people do these things.   It makes my heart sick.

These Things Should Be Illegal

My family requests these ALL the time.  They should seriously be illegal, they are so damn good.  You must try them.  You MUST.  Don't be afraid.  Do it.  You know you want to.  All your friends are doing it.


Morning all.  We all made it to Monday once again.  Go us.

So, that itty bitty snow fall was absolutely gorgeous yesterday, no?  I loved it.  I love weather.  I love cold weather.  I don't tolerate the heat well, but LOVE colder weather.  Of course, I am spoiled and work in an office and restaurant, so do not have to be out in it all day or night either.  Don't hate me because I'm spoiled  ;)

I rarely watch T.V.  I mean RARELY.  I hear about shows that are on, read about them etc, but there is not one single show that I follow.  I may watch the television mayyyyybe a couple of hours a month.  When I do, I like the discovery and travel channels.  I will, however, try to sit down and watch a dvd once in awhile, maybe a couple of times a month.  Mostly, I just don't have time.

When I do have the blessing of an actual evening or morning at home, I cook.  I love to cook.  May not be very good at it, but I sure do enjoy doing it.

When I get any quiet time alone, I like to read.  I've always been that way, preferring a book to television.  Considering how inherently lazy I am, that is surprising, I guess.

I had a whole day off of both jobs yesterday, and didn't accomplish anything at all around the house but to cook for those people who live there.  It was awesome.

A tomcat sprayed both of our dogs yesterday.  In the face.  So both dogs had to have full on baths.  The three pound rat dog was no problem, although she spent the rest of the day with a serious attitude problem because of it.  The 80 pound lab puppy, however, was a different story.  That is what kids are for.  I paid mine to scrub the bejeesus out of that dog.  She likes money.  He is now the fluffiest, whitest lab puppy in Texas.

I have to say, for someone who is really generally pretty laid back, I am sort of surprised to already have someone pissed off and stalking my blog, only a month or so in.  *giggles*

You people have a fabulous day.  I have to get back to work.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

This Day In History

Jan 9, 1493:
Columbus mistakes manatees for mermaids

On this day in 1493, Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, sailing near the Dominican Republic, sees three "mermaids"--in reality manatees--and describes them as "not half as beautiful as they are painted." Six months earlier, Columbus (1451-1506) set off from Spain across the Atlantic Ocean with the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, hoping to find a western trade route to Asia. Instead, his voyage, the first of four he would make, led him to the Americas, or "New World."

Mermaids, mythical half-female, half-fish creatures, have existed in seafaring cultures at least since the time of the ancient Greeks. Typically depicted as having a woman's head and torso, a fishtail instead of legs and holding a mirror and comb, mermaids live in the ocean and, according to some legends, can take on a human shape and marry mortal men. Mermaids are closely linked to sirens, another folkloric figure, part-woman, part-bird, who live on islands and sing seductive songs to lure sailors to their deaths.

Mermaid sightings by sailors, when they weren't made up, were most likely manatees, dugongs or Steller's sea cows (which became extinct by the 1760s due to over-hunting). Manatees are slow-moving aquatic mammals with human-like eyes, bulbous faces and paddle-like tails. It is likely that manatees evolved from an ancestor they share with the elephant. The three species of manatee (West Indian, West African and Amazonian) and one species of dugong belong to the Sirenia order. As adults, they're typically 10 to 12 feet long and weigh 800 to 1,200 pounds. They're plant-eaters, have a slow metabolism and can only survive in warm water.

Manatees live an average of 50 to 60 years in the wild and have no natural predators. However, they are an endangered species. In the U.S., the majority of manatees are found in Florida, where scores of them die or are injured each year due to collisions with boats.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

This Day In History

Jan 8, 1877:
Crazy Horse fights last battle

On this day in 1877, Crazy Horse and his warriors--outnumbered, low on ammunition and forced to use outdated weapons to defend themselves--fight their final losing battle against the U.S. Cavalry in Montana.

Six months earlier, in the Battle of Little Bighorn, Crazy Horse and his ally, Chief Sitting Bull, led their combined forces of Sioux and Cheyenne to a stunning victory over Lieutenant Colonel George Custer (1839-76) and his men. The Indians were resisting the U.S. government's efforts to force them back to their reservations. After Custer and over 200 of his soldiers were killed in the conflict, later dubbed "Custer's Last Stand," the American public wanted revenge. As a result, the U.S. Army launched a winter campaign in 1876-77, led by General Nelson Miles (1839-1925), against the remaining hostile Indians on the Northern Plains.

Combining military force with diplomatic overtures, Nelson convinced many Indians to surrender and return to their reservations. Much to Nelson's frustration, though, Sitting Bull refused to give in and fled across the border to Canada, where he and his people remained for four years before finally returning to the U.S. to surrender in 1881. Sitting Bull died in 1890. Meanwhile, Crazy Horse and his band also refused to surrender, even though they were suffering from illness and starvation.

On January 8, 1877, General Miles found Crazy Horse's camp along Montana's Tongue River. U.S. soldiers opened fire with their big wagon-mounted guns, driving the Indians from their warm tents out into a raging blizzard. Crazy Horse and his warriors managed to regroup on a ridge and return fire, but most of their ammunition was gone, and they were reduced to fighting with bows and arrows. They managed to hold off the soldiers long enough for the women and children to escape under cover of the blinding blizzard before they turned to follow them.

Though he had escaped decisive defeat, Crazy Horse realized that Miles and his well-equipped cavalry troops would eventually hunt down and destroy his cold, hungry followers. On May 6, 1877, Crazy Horse led approximately 1,100 Indians to the Red Cloud reservation near Nebraska's Fort Robinson and surrendered. Five months later, a guard fatally stabbed him after he allegedly resisted imprisonment by Indian policemen.

In 1948, American sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski began work on the Crazy Horse Memorial, a massive monument carved into a mountain in South Dakota. Still a work in progress, the monument will stand 641 feet high and 563 feet long when completed.

Friday, January 7, 2011

This Day In History

Jan 7, 1789:
First U.S. presidential election

On this day in 1789, America's first presidential election is held. Voters cast ballots to choose state electors; only white men who owned property were allowed to vote. As expected, George Washington won the election and was sworn into office on April 30, 1789.

As it did in 1789, the United States still uses the Electoral College system, established by the U.S. Constitution, which today gives all American citizens over the age of 18 the right to vote for electors, who in turn vote for the president. The president and vice president are the only elected federal officials chosen by the Electoral College instead of by direct popular vote.